Stockade Kids Boxing

Stockade Kids Boxing

Stockade Kids Boxing

What is Stockade Kids’ Boxing?

Stockade Kids’ Boxing is a youth boxing program targeted at children aged eight and up. This program is ideal for younger boxing enthusiasts, teaching them the principles of boxing in a safe and controlled environment. Our program targets self-control, discipline and physical fitness and provides for competition, self-development and/or general fitness.


Boxing training has many potential benefits for kids. As well as improving their general fitness, boxing can help them develop healthy habits and encourage them to take regular exercise. It also provides an outlet for excess energy and aggression and gives children a safe and healthy way to let out any stress. Boxing training also focuses on self-discipline and self-control which are valuable skills for children of any age to master and can help them in other areas of their lives such as at home and school. Boxing can also increase confidence. Learning how to defend themselves can help boost kids’self-esteem and working towards awards gives them a sense of achievement.

Is Stockade kids boxing for your kids?

If your children have plenty of energy, kids boxing training may be the perfect way for them to release it while having fun and learning a new skill. Boxing can be great for kids of all ages and a range of personality types and can help with their physical co-ordination and strength as well as equipping them with life skills such as self-discipline and control. Boxing training may also help children who lack confidence.

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