Amateur Sparring

What is amateur sparring? Sparring is an essential part of boxing or martial arts training where you get to practice your skills with an opponent in a situation similar to a fight. Amateur sparring is a way for beginners to consolidate their developing abilities and skills against others of a similar standard. There are certain … Continue reading Amateur Sparring

Boxing Fitness

What is boxing fitness? Boxing for fitness is a great way to get a cardiovascular workout, improve your strength and have fun at the same time. Boxing training involves learning and practising different movements and skills as well as working on general strength and fitness. Boxing is suitable for most levels of fitness and skill … Continue reading Boxing Fitness

Boxing – Open Gym

What is boxing – open gym? Boxing open gym is an opportunity to try out some of the techniques that you have been working on during the week. This session allows you to work with other boxers and the coaches in an unstructured format. There is no formal instruction in this session but our coaches and … Continue reading Boxing – Open Gym

Cross Training

What is cross training? Cross training is an exercise class that combines weights, cardio, boxing and interval training to develop overall strength and fitness. This type of fitness training uses varied workouts and specific movements to target different muscle groups and tailored routines can be designed for participants of almost all ages and abilities, from grandparents … Continue reading Cross Training

Kids Boxing

What is kids’ boxing? The kids’ boxing program is targeted at children aged eight and over and can be a great way to introduce younger enthusiasts to the principles of boxing in a safe and controlled environment. Boxing classes for kids focus on teaching self-control, discipline and physical fitness in a group setting, which can be useful skills to … Continue reading Kids Boxing

Masters Boxing

What is masters boxing? Masters boxing is an amateur or Olympic style boxing class for anyone over the age of 35. Our masters boxing program aims to improve your fitness as well as improving your technique as a boxer. All contact is optional. You can also step it up and spar in a controlled environment when you are … Continue reading Masters Boxing

MMA Sparring

What is MMA sparring? Mixed martial arts (MMA), popularly known as cage fighting or ultimate fighting is a full contact combat sport that allows for a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills derived from a mixture of martial arts traditions. In our MMA sparring combat circuit we use a range of training techniques that provide for … Continue reading MMA Sparring

What is MMAXFIT?

What is MMAXFIT? MMAXFIT is a high intensity group fitness program based on exercises and techniques found in mixed martial arts (MMA). MMAXFIT is non-contact, non-combative and is suitable for a range of individuals. The program has been designed to burn maximum calories in a 50 minute group fitness time slot with the aim of burning fat and increasing lean … Continue reading What is MMAXFIT?

Muay Thai

What is Muay Thai? Muay Thai is a complete fighting art which originated in Thailand. Also known as Thai kickboxing, this martial artuses the whole body for self-defence and combat, not just the lower body. It is the national sport of Thailand.This particular martial art has only been practised in Western cultures since the beginning of … Continue reading Muay Thai

Muay Thai Sparring

What is Muay Thai Sparring? Muay Thai sparring offers an opportunity to test skills learned at our core classes in a controlled, low impact environment. Classes are completely beginner friendly with contact optional. Sparring involves working with a partner to practise fighting skills in a safe way without causing injuries. Sparring in our friendly environment can … Continue reading Muay Thai Sparring

Stockade Kids Boxing

What is Stockade Kids’ Boxing? Stockade Kids’ Boxing is a youth boxing program targeted at children aged eight and up. This program is ideal for younger boxing enthusiasts, teaching them the principles of boxing in a safe and controlled environment. Our program targets self-control, discipline and physical fitness and provides for competition, self-development and/or general … Continue reading Stockade Kids Boxing

Women’s Boxing

What is Women’s Boxing? Women’s boxing is a women only boxing and self-defence class. Held downstairs in a private area, this is a fun and supportive class to suit all ages and abilities. With a focus on women’s fitness these tailored boxing classes are taught by former Australian Flyweight champion and former Oceana Bantamweight champion Bianca Elmir. … Continue reading Women’s Boxing


Wrestling: Group Fitness with a Challenge Wrestling is group fitness with a challenge! Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat, dating back to pre-biblical times. The sport uses grappling techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, takedowns and pins. At our wrestling gym, you will learn a number of different techniques, and have the … Continue reading Wrestling