At The Stockade we believe everyone is a champion regardless of their experience or level of skill. Dedicated to the highest quality training, our aim is to promote fitness and health for all. Whether you are looking for a personal trainer, great self defence or fitness classes, or you’re interested in combat sports, football or martial arts, there is a fitness training program for you at The Stockade that can help you meet your goals. Our coaches and trainers have the expertise to coach at elite level and are here to help you whether you are interested in improving your fitness and learning new skills or preparing for the Olympics.

Fabulous facilities, experienced trainers and coaches
Our state-of-the-art facility offers over 1,000m2 of world-class training equipment and mat space with an 18 and 24 foot boxing ring, plenty of boxing bags and a dedicated wrestling, grappling and BJJ training area. We train all levels from beginners to national champions including Commonwealth Games and Olympic athletes in boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing and wrestling.

Boxing with the best
The Stockade’s excellent facilities allow both professional and amateur boxers to practice in full-fight scenarios or just get used to the canvas. At The Stockade we are fully committed to continually enhancing our programs and in recognition of the quality of our facilities; Boxing Australia has based its elite program with us.

Whether your goal is simply to get in shape with some of our fitness classes, or to prepare yourself for competition, The Stockade Training Centre is geared towards individuals of all ages and skill levels. We treat every member as a champion and we enjoy helping our members to achieve their sporting and fitness goals.

Stockade Experience