Garry Hamilton

Garry Hamilton

Boxing/Kickboxing Coach
Founder of Stockade Training Centre

Garry (‘Gazza’) Hamilton trained and competed as a kickboxer in the UK for over 10 years, becoming a British Kickboxing Champion.

He migrated to Australia in 1995 and obtained a degree in sports science from the University of Canberra. A short time later, he started a kickboxing school at the Deakin Health Spa.

In the late 90s, Gazza started the Underground Boxing Gym with close friend Michael Hodkinson. The Underground Boxing Gym would later become The Stockade Training Centre.

As a professional trainer, Gazza has trained Australasian, Australian and NSW state professional champions. As a coach, he has taken a number of athletes to success at the following events:

Michael Ninness Gold Medallist
Gerard O’Mahony Silver Medallist 2002 NZ
Gerard O’Mahony Gold Medallist
Karen O’Brien Gold Medallist
Claire Ghabrial Gold Medallist
Kirsteen Maclean Gold Medallist 2003 Tahiti
Monique Suraci Gold Medallist 2018 Samoa

Michael Ninness 2002 Manchester
Gerard O’Mahony and Stephen Rudic Bronze Medallist, 2006 Melbourne
Alexey Mukhin 2010 India
David Toussaint 2007 Jnr Cmlth Games Wales
Amazea Enyi 2014 Jnr Cmlth Games Samoa

Gerard O’Mahony 2004 Athens & 2008 Beijing

Gerard O’Mahony 2007 Chicago
Nina Schuster (Silver Medallist) and Mattie Schuster 2014 Bulgaria Jnr World Championships

In 2002, Gazza represented Australia as an assistant boxing coach at the Oceania Games in New Zealand. He was also selected to prepare the Australian team for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India.

Apart from his sports science degree, Gazza has a diploma in fitness and nutrition, Level 1 and Star 1 boxing coaching accreditation with Boxing Australia plus over 20 years’ experience in the combat sports industry.

Gazza is available for Personal Training
Ben Bradley

Ben Bradley

Strength Training and Boxing Coach

Ben Bradley is a multiple state Elite Amateur boxing champion, competing at international and national levels. In 2019, Ben represented the ACT at the Australian Elite Championships in Melbourne and the International Arafura Games Tournament. Ben is currently working towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games trials in December 2019.

Ben has a passion for strength and conditioning and brings a methodical, science-based approach to coaching. His students benefit from this knowledge as Ben can explain the scientific principals behind the methods he teaches.

With a knowledge of the anatomy of movement he can breakdown an exercise to identify weak points and powerfully rebuild them.

Having also competed at a high level in rugby league, union and powerlifting, Ben understands the mental and physical challenges across multiple sports. Through this wide range of experience, he has learned how to adapt training methods to meet the needs of the individual. He knows that every body is unique and disowns the “one size fits all” approach common in the fitness industry today.

Ben coaches the strength class and boxing classes.

Ben is available for Personal Training
Monique Suraci

Monique Suraci

Women’s Boxing & Boxfit Coach

Monique started boxing when she was six years old and entered her first boxing competition at the age of 10. Over the last 12 years of boxing, she’s competed around Australia and across the globe.

In 2018, after winning the Australian Youth National Boxing Championships, she was selected to represent Australia at the 2018 Youth Oceania Championships — and came home with gold.

Her Oceania win was followed by the 2018 Youth Women’s & Men’s World Championships in Budapest, where she competed against the best young amateur boxers in the world. Here next challenge is the trials for the 2020 Olympics.

Monique is a talented amateur boxer who understands the practical and theoretical aspects of boxing. The sport has provided Monique with many great opportunities and it’s her wish to give back to the community through coaching.

She’s passionate about boxing and her classes inspire her students to push for their best, thanks to Monique’s enthusiasm and dedication.

Monique is available for Personal Training.
Ferdi Bartulovic

Ferdi Bartulovic

Boxing Coach

Ferdi started boxing at the age of 13 after picking up a ‘Rocky’ book at his school library. He started going to his local PCYC and the boxing obsession took hold.

Since then he’s trained at America’s oldest gym, Gleason’s in New York, and the 5th St. Gym in Miami, home of Muhammad Ali and the famed Mayweather boxing club. Ferdi trained under Floyd Mayweather senior, and Jeff Mayweather. He has also trained with Kostya Tszyu’s trainer Johnny Lewis, and fought Jai Opetaia and Tim Tszyu. He was Golden Gloves runner up at Brisbane in 2014.

Ferdi’s approach to teaching is detailed and intricate. His attention to detail comes from his experience as an amateur and professional fighter. He can scale the delivery of information up or down to work with beginner, intermediate and advanced boxers.

Ferdi is moving forward with his own hopes of fighting in New York and Las Vegas. But he also knows how to teach people how to box from scratch and take them all the way to cornering them for their first fight.

Ferdi is available for Personal Training
Chris Burridge

Chris Burridge

Kickboxing and Muay Thai Coach

Always a team player and motivated for a challenge, Chris Burridge has spent his life in the arena of competitive sports. Chris played both rugby league and union at state and rep level, and he revels in a positive team environment.

It was this trait that attracted him to join the Stockade Training Centre community after he saw the Capital Fight Show at Canberra’s Hellenic Club in 2014. Watching Stockade’s head kickboxing/Muay Thai trainer and World Title holder Josh Tonna compete for his belt got Chris hooked.

He decided to take the next step and try a class at Stockade — and ignited his love of Muay Thai.

“I’ll never forget my first fight,” Chris remembers. “I didn’t really get to look the guy in the eyes as we touched gloves, but I did look him square in the chest – I was intimidated by his height. We were matched according to our weight class. It was an intense bout and I won my first fight, even taking out ‘Fighter of the Night’! That was it — this was what I was meant to do.”

Three years later and Chris has had 10 wins and two losses. He has won the ACT/NSW ISKA State Title, the MASA Australian Title and two MASA South Pacific Titles. He is now on course for his pro debut and to win a South Pacific Title.

Chris is a valued coach at Stockade and he enjoys mentoring other fighters to attain their potential through technique and fitness.

Chris is available for Personal Training

Ben “The Guvner” Edwards

Over his 15 year career, Ben amassed a combined record of 67 professional fights in Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA with 52 wins, 12 losses, 3 draws and an astonishing 44 Knock Outs. He is one of the most experienced combat sports athletes Australia has ever produced.

Ben has competed all over the world including The Tokyo Dome in Japan and Madison Square Garden in New York City, USA. He was the Australian Heavyweight Boxing Champion in 2015 and  holds the K1 Kickboxing tournament world Record from 2010, with 3 Knock Outs in one night in a total time of 3mins 30 seconds.  He competed in the PFL million dollar MMA tournament in Atlantic City, NJ in 2019 and Glory Kickboxing in 2013 and twice in 2015.

He has fought the likes of UFC legend Alistair Overeem and current kickboxing world champion Rico Verhoeven.

Ben loves coaching and is very happy to be a part of the team at Stockade,  where he spent a large part of his career.  Ben is very well spoken and great at clearly explaining the subtle details of martial arts and he is very much looking forward to passing his knowledge onto the next generation.

Ben is available for Personal Training
Adam Saunderson

Adam Saunderson

BJJ and MMA Coach

Since the early 1990s, Adam Saunderson has had a focus on sports martial arts. Beginning with judo and boxing, he transitioned to freestyle martial arts, then into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and MMA at an amateur and pro level.

Adam became fanatical about BJJ in 2001 after he first come across UFC in Sydney. He moved to Perth then London to train, before heading to Canberra in 2010.

After becoming one of the highest ranked BJJ practitioners in the region, Adam journeyed to Thailand, training at the now-famous MMA gym, Phuket Top Team.

At Phuket he was tutored by BJJ 4th Degree Black Belt Professor Olavo Abreu. Following this Adam trained at Legion 13 HQ in Perth under Grayson West.

Adam won a Pro MMA title at the Australia vs New Zealand fight night in 2011 and in 2012 joined the coaching staff at Stockade Training Centre. He received his Black Belt from Professor Abreu in 2014.

Adam’s extensive knowledge and tireless work ethic are integral to his coaching of many successful BJJ and MMA competitors. Adam has a genuine desire to foster skill and technical improvement in students, while giving them lifelong skills in the process.

Adam is available for Personal Training
Andrew Leggett

Andrew “Andy” Leggett

Martial Arts Coach

At just nine years old, Andy began his martial arts journey studying Judo under Allan Broadhead at the Illawarra International Judo Club. Competing at state level, Andy also learned several striking arts including kickboxing, Kung Fu and boxing.

However, a move to Western Australia in 2001 saw him take up the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) under Professor Grayson West. He competed in interstate competitions as well as winning several WA state titles in Gi and NoGi grappling.

Andy has trained under and learned from some of the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world, including Marcelo Rezende, Royce Gracie, brothers Rafael and Gui Mendes, André Galvão and Caio Terra. This hard work culminated in Andy receiving his Black Belt in 2013 from Professors Grayson West and Peter de Been. He received his 2nd degree Black Belt in March 2019 from Professor West.

As one of the main instructors at Legion 13 HQ in Perth since 2003, Andy has conducted seminars in Perth, ACT and the Illawarra and is an experienced referee.

A move to the ACT in 2018 saw Andy join fellow Legion 13 instructor Adam Saunderson at Stockade Training Centre. Andy works hard to give his students the best instruction possible and to make people ‘better versions of themselves’.

Andy is available for Personal Training

Cedric Nyamsi

Wrestling Coach

Cedric Nyamsi has excelled in wrestling on national and international stages. A world-class freestyle wrestler, he represented Cameroon in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and at the Azerbaijan Islamic Solidarity Games.

Cedric is a multiple African Championships winner and the 2018 Australian national champion. Known for his imposing physique, he is an intelligent and strategic wrestler, possessing an exceptional work ethic combined with a friendly, outgoing manner.

These twin characteristics were recognised by the Cameroon National Wrestling Federation when Cedric was appointed Captain of the National Team for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Cedric is a passionate coach, able to demonstrate and teach both fundamental skills and advanced techniques. He has a fun but strict teaching style, aimed at bringing the best out of his pupils.

Cedric is available for private lessons, both adults and kids, from beginner to advanced.

Ben Keaney

Wrestling Coach

With over 15 years’ competition experience in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, Ben’s knowledge of the sport is comprehensive. He is a life-member of ACT Wrestling and the current president of ACT Wrestling Inc.

Ben has competed both nationally and internationally, and won both the National and Oceania Championships in Greco-Roman. He is a qualified UWW Level 1 Coach and Wrestling Australia certified Level 1 Coach.

For over a decade Ben has coached children and adults, his fun coaching style catering to all fitness and experience levels, and genders.

Wrestling principles apply across many martial arts, and Ben has taught wrestling applications to athletes training in BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA and rugby.

Ben is available for Personal Training
Lorenz Daley

Lorenz Daley

Boxing Coach

One of Stockade’s boxing athletes, Lorenz Daley has six years of competition experience under his belt, from schoolboy level to the open men’s division.

Over the years Lorenz has represented the ACT at three National Championships and two National Golden Glove tournaments.

His notable achievements include:

  • 2019 Illawarra Champion Men’s 60kg Division
  • 2019 ACT Men’s 57kg representative Australian Championships
  • 2017 ACT Youth 60kg Champion
  • Silver Medal at the 2016 U19 Australian National Championships in the 57kg Division
  • Silver Medal at the 2016 National Golden Gloves in the 60kg Junior Division

Lorenz is working towards the 2020 Australian Olympic trials in December 2019, striving to qualify and represent Australia at the Tokyo Games.

When it comes to his students, Lorenz hopes to fire them up with the same ambition he has for the art of boxing. Whether you plan to become an Olympian or simply toughen up, Lorenz can help you achieve your personal goal.

Lorenz is available for Personal Training.